Sunday, April 24, 2011

Residencia de Riego: Batangas

General Information:
Name of Resort: Residencia de Riego
Location: Sitio Libis, Muzon 2, Alitagtag, Batangas
*2 Adult Pools
*1 Kiddie Pool
*Bar and Restaurant
*Barbeque Area
*Air Conditioned Rooms

Another great summer getaway, Residencia de Riego is fairly cheap, clean and secluded. It is a good place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort has three pools, a barbeque area, huts for those who are not planning to stay overnight, air conditioned rooms and a bar and restaurant. The place is very serene in the day but come sunset the place lights up and transforms into a lively scene.

Residencia de Riego in Pictures:

This is the 4.5 feet pool, beautifully landscaped.

The pool in front is the deeper pool,while the one at the back is the kiddie pool.

This is one of the huts they rent for those who are only staying for the day

Again, the hut from the front view, they blend naturally in the resort's theme

The landscaping, the resort is clean and well manicured

The Bathrooms at Residencia de Riego:
There are individual stalls ensuring privacy. There wes a shower at each stall, a soap holder and hooks to hang the clothes in. There was also a mirror so you can see yourself full length.

The Bar and the Menu:
You could have your food delivered on your hut or your room and you can eat it there. The verdict on the food: It was good, but the quantity was disappointing considering the amount if money spent on each dish. I'd suggest bringing your own food or to barbeque food.

The Resort at Night:
It transforms at night the pool has colored lights, there are lasers by the bar-restaurant and the music plays to make for a party atmosphere

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